Experience the Magic of Swansong

Unparalleled Musical Splendor

Looking for a one-of-a-kind musical experience that will leave you breathless? Look no further than Swansong - the premier music duo based in Charlottesville. Our unique and innovative approach to live entertainment sets us apart from the rest. We specialize in weaving a tapestry of harmonic textures that captivates audiences of all ages, and our performances are guaranteed to leave you wanting more. In addition to our live entertainment ser... Read more

Our Talent

Rene created Swansong because he knew from experience that music is profoundly healing and needed especially today. His decision to blend musical talent, artistic impulse, and passion results in a delightful and hauntingly beautiful tapestry of music. Flowing seamlessly from classical to contemporary styles, Swansong presents melodies and harmonies that may be tucked away in the back of the mind – music once heard, but eager to be heard aga... Read more

Unforgettable Experience

With a synchronistic, creative approach, Swansong’s processes, presentation, and arrangements contribute to the uniqueness of their collaboration, pushing musical boundaries beyond their ordinary limits. Swansong’s repertoire is extensive and professionally tailored to meet the appropriate mood for each occasion. Swansong brings excellence to each performance—striving to mesmerize and move their audiences with lyrical and rapturous delight.

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Glass House Winery / Jay Smith, Owner

Swansong is an indescribably magnificent duo who are masters of their craft. Their performances are an amazing musical event like no other!

Apr 16, 2023
Jay Berget, owner of SoundAround, LLC.

"Swansong brings a unique and well-

orchestrated concept to the music

scene. It's clear that a love of music

drives what they offer to their

listeners, and the quality of the

performance and production makes it

easy for a humble sound guy to just

turn it up and enjoy along with the


Jun 1, 2023
Steve VonCanon

WOW!!! Your performance at Prince Michel on Sunday was absolutely spectacular!!!! 

Mar 27, 2024


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Harmonic Textures
Dynamic Performance
Professionalism and Reliability